Title Refractory Corrosion a Recurrent Topic (always to be considered)
Thematic area Education
Presenter Prof. Michel Rigaud
Authors Prof. Michel Rigaud, University of Montreal, Montréal - Canada
Prof. Jacques Poirier, CNRS-University of Orléans, Orleans - France

Title: Refractory Corrosion a Recurrent Topic (always to be considered)

By Jacques Poirier and Michel Rigaud

CNRS-Université d’Orléans, France ; École Polytechnique, Montréal, Canada


Refractory materials are absolutely needed in various industrial sectors but they do corrode under harsh environment. Therefore, every efforts to minimize corrosion are to be structured upon a good understanding of the processes involved. Corrosion resistance is not an inherent property of a given material; it is a characteristic which depends on a multitude of parameters.

The goal of this presentation is to reveal the content of FIRE Compendium Series of books, number 2, on the theme of corrosion. This series will be constituted of 3 volumes.

For the first volume, volume 2A, freshly printed, several authors have been called to provide a deeper understanding of the complexity of the interlinked phenomena. Hence a brief description of the content of this book is to be presented. Also, previews on the other two volumes to follow will be underlined: volume 2B: The Testing and Characterization Methods, to illustrate mainly the evolution in the tools nowadays available and to present innovative (in-situ) techniques of characterization ; and volume 2C: The Impacts of Corrosion Wear, based upon selected case studies, to illustrate what can we learn from post-mortem analysis and what are the impacts on plant operation availability and products quality.