Title Development of a Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Pitch for Carbon Electrodes for Electric Arc Furnaces
Thematic area Nonferrous Metallurgy
Presenter Dr. José Ramón Campello-García
Authors Dr. José Ramón Campello-García, FUNDACIÓN ITMA, Llanera - España
Dr. David Castaño-Laviana, FUNDACIÓN ITMA, Llanera - España
Dr. Manuel Miranda-Martínez, FUNDACIÓN ITMA, Llanera - España

Many industrial processes involve the use of carbon electrodes in electric arc furnaces (EAF).  Söderberg electrodes are extensively used and while other types of electrodes are subjected to thermal treatment before use, Söderberg electrodes are formed in situ, consuming a carbon paste that is transformed during operation.  In general terms the paste is composed of calcined anthracite, petroleum coke and coal tar pitch as binder.

This work evaluates the use of carbon nanofiber (CNF) reinforced coal tar pitch in the production of Söderberg paste.  The effects of CNFs are evaluated both for the coal tar pitch itself and for the Söderberg paste.  A hypothesis explaining the effects of CNFs on the paste behavior has been tested by means of a reference formulation that has been thoroughly characterized.