Title Value Enhancement For Refractory Castables By Deflocculants Based On Comb Polymer Technology
Thematic area Monolithics for Various Applications
Presenter Dr. Konrad Wutz
Authors Dr. Konrad Wutz, BASF Construction Solutions GmbH, Trostberg - Germany

The paper presents Polycarboxylate ethers (PCE) with comb polymer structure, the new generation of dispersants for refractory castables, in respect of chemical structure and mode of action. The molecular design of the Polycarboxylate ethers is crucial for their performance, but the comb polymer architecture can be tailor-made in a very broad range for various refractory materials and requirements. The investigations focus also on the understanding of polymer interaction with refractory materials.

Polycarboxylate ethers adds remarkable value to the refractory industry as these advanced polymers supports the trend from shaped to unshaped refractory products. Successful production and installation of self-flow castables at low water contents is enabled by the application the latest Polycarboxylate ether technology.

The benefits of the comb polymer deflocculants are twofold by influencing positively both fresh and hardened properties of refractory castables. Hence, these polymers contribute sustainable in the further improvement of refractory materials and future installation technology.