Session/Symposium Programme

MO 7, Monolithics for Various Applications 7
Session type:Oral
Date: 28 September 2017
Time: 16:20-18:00
Room: Parque 3
Presentation code Time Title Exhibitor ID Authors Thematic Area Files  
16:20-16:40 Matrix Design for Improved Spinel Formation in High Alumina Refractory Monolithics that is Adjusted to the Service Conditions Mr. Florian Holleyn 114 Mr. Florian Holleyn
Prof. Olaf Krause
Mr. Jan Rossdeutscher
Dr. Erwan Brochen
Dr. Christian Dannert
Mrs. Małgorzata Odziomek
Monolithics for Various Applications
16:40-17:00 Innovative Refractory Products to line and to repair heavily loaded Areas Dr. Patrick Tassot 8 Dr. Patrick Tassot
Mr. Bertram Kesselheim
Dr. Thomas Schemmel
Monolithics for Various Applications
17:00-17:20 Impact of particle size of calcium aluminate cement on its hydration products at 40℃ Mr. Xuejun Shang 115 Mr. Xuejun Shang
Mr. Kunpeng Tian
Mr. Yaxian Liu
Mr. Liugang Chen
Mr. Guotian Ye
Monolithics for Various Applications
17:20-17:40 Effect of Adding a Kind of Surfactant on Pore Size Distribution and Properties of Alumina-spinel Castable Mr. Jiwei LI 123 Mr. Jiwei LI
Mr. Ningsheng ZHOU
Mr. Qiaogang GAO
Mr. Zhenyong BI
Monolithics for Various Applications
17:40-18:00 Value Enhancement For Refractory Castables By Deflocculants Based On Comb Polymer Technology Dr. Konrad Wutz 32 Dr. Konrad Wutz
Monolithics for Various Applications