Session/Symposium Programme

ESIN 1, Energy Saving and Insulation 1
Session type:Oral
Date: 27 September 2017
Time: 14:30-15:50
Room: Parque 1
Presentation code Time Title Exhibitor ID Authors Thematic Area Files  
14:30-14:50 Binder System Effect on the Microstructure and Properties of Insulating Ceramic Foams Mr. Tiago dos Santos Junior 230 Mr. Tiago Santos Junior
Mr. Gustavo Cogo e Silva
Dr. Vānia Regina Salvini
Mr. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli
Energy Saving and Insulation
14:50-15:10 Insulating Ceramic Foams For High Temperature Furnace Lining Dr. Vānia Salvini 233 Dr. Vānia Salvini
Mr. José Binoto
Prof. José Rodrigues
Mr. Tiajo Junior
Prof. Victor Pandolfelli
Energy Saving and Insulation
15:10-15:30 Comparative study of slag resistance of Al2O3-MgO castables containing different lightweight corundum aggregates Dr. Ao Huang 112 Mr. Yang Zou
Mr. Huazhi Gu
Mr. Ao Huang
Mr. Meijie Zhang
Mr. Mintao Zhang
Energy Saving and Insulation
15:30-15:50 Formation and Microstructure Evolution of Intracrystalline Pores in Lightweight Microporous Alumina Dr. Lvping Fu 82 Dr. Lvping Fu
Prof. Huazhi Gu
Dr. Ao Huang
Prof. Meijie Zhang
Mr. Zhengkun Li
Energy Saving and Insulation